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1.19 Upgrading Guide



The most noticeable difference is all the packages have been moved from mcp.mobius.waila to snownee.jade, in order not to conflict with other Hwyla fork's API.


  • IComponentProvider -> IBlockComponentProvider
  • WailaConfig -> IWailaConfig


Some methods in the IWailaClientRegistration are renamed as well:

  • registerIconProvider -> registerBlockIcon / registerEntityIcon
  • registerComponentProvider -> registerBlockComponent / registerEntityComponent

Changes in Providers


Now you need to assign a unique ResourceLocation id to all your component and server data providers. Id for different registries can be the same.

A plugin config will be added with the uid, so user can decide to disable your component provider or not. If you want to control how it behaves, see IToggleableProvider.

Now all the elements you added will be tagged with the uid by default.


The old tooltip position system is abandoned. Now you can override IJadeProvider#getDefaultPriority to adjust its priority. Greater is lower. -5000 ~ 5000 is for normal providers and they will be folded in the Lite mode.


Events are now simplified and should be registered in IWailaPlugin#registerClient. Be careful do not crash the dedicated server!

Synced Config

Synced config doesn't exist any more, as all plugin configs can now be controlled by the server.