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Before talking about overrides. If you are looking for a way to show the "correct" name of a block, you probably actually need IWailaClientRegistration#usePickedResult

You can add a JadeRayTraceCallback to replace the ray-trace result. New result can be created from IWailaClientRegistration in the IWailaPlugin#registerClient method.

Here is a small example that displays grass block as TNT block:

public void registerClient(IWailaClientRegistration registration) {
    registration.addRayTraceCallback((hitResult, accessor, originalAccessor) -> {
        if (accessor instanceof BlockAccessor blockAccessor) {
            if (blockAccessor.getBlock() == Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK) {
                return registration.blockAccessor().from(blockAccessor).blockState(Blocks.TNT.defaultBlockState()).build();
        return accessor;



You can get server data from IWailaClientRegistration if accessor is null.