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1.20.5 Upgrading Guide


You can now pass a block class when registering an IServerDataProvider or IServerExtensionProvider, which means that you can now add server data providers for blocks that do not have a block entity.

Canceling requests

A new method called shouldRequestData is added to IServerDataProvider and IServerExtensionProvider to determine on the client side whether you should request data from the server. In most cases, you should not check for plugin settings in this method. The method returns true by default.


The first type parameter of IServerExtensionProvider is removed, and there is only one type parameter now.

The target parameter of the getGroups method has been removed. You can still get the target from accessor.getTarget(), but it may be null because the context is now allowed without a block entity.


ITooltip#getElementHelper has been removed. You should now use IElementHelper.get() directly.